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The Santoor Sandal and Almond Milk Soap will take your skin on a therapeutic rendezvous, as its concoction of sandalwood extracts and almond milk helps in treating minor skin-related problems, besides keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized, and fresh.

Glow Like a Bride

This soap hydrates and moisturizes your skin to bring about a glow, that is as charming as a bride’s.

Solution to All Skin Problems

This soap helps in treating many skin-related problems such as blackheads, acne, and skin allergies.

An Ideal Herbal Antiseptic

This soap is a reliable source to treat minor skin abrasions owing to its microbial properties.

Keeps Your Skin Fresh

Back from a week-long beach holiday? This soap helps in removing tan lines, curing itchy skin, and detoxifying it as well to make it just as fresh as before.

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