Mortein Insta5 Combo Machine with Refill

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Mortein insta 5 plug-in mosquito repellent comes in a handy liquid vaporizer format that offers complete protection from dengue causing mosquitoes. Formulated with active ingredients, Mortein vaporizer is a powerful and convenient solution to offset mosquitoes and serve as the first line of defence against potential diseases and health hazards. Mortein insta 5 mosquito repellent, as the name suggests, is effective in killing mosquitoes immediately, typically within 5 minutes of plugin. The refill bottle fits all devices (except good knight express). Moreover, mortein device has a superior heating system that ensures low electricity consumption and the dual-mode machine with high and low-intensity modes, make sure you and your family stay protected always. Liquid vapouriser bottle shall last for 45 nights in approved use of 8 hours per night.

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